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Garden,G scale,LGB

For Garden Railways,,16mm,,G scale,,Guage 1  and LGB

Waiting room 
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New Building Latest model

Waiting room or booking office

This typical waiting room or office to name but two uses this could be is the latest from the large scale range of buildings,,,,good looking stone work including a stone window and door frame, a 6 panelled door and a very typical chimney pot.

26 cms wide  x 28 cms high x 10 cms  deep


Georgian house 
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New to the range this superb Georgian style house.

Yet another NEW building ,,,this time we go a bit "posh" with this superb Georgian style house..

 26 cms. wide And crammed full of very fine detailing

Rough Cast render ..Quoins,,panelled front door Georgian style windows,,slate roof and double chimney all go to make up this lovely building.

All built on a 6mm plywood carcass weathered and sealed.

These can come in many colours,,too many to list but if you get in touch I am sure I will be able to get near the colour you require.


delivery Via carrier


3 In a row TERRACE 
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The latest edition to the range

This Victorian row of three Terrace house come packed with detail...A large single cast roof unit and three seperate cast fronts and will match perfectly with the "single" terrace in the range.

21" long this will fill a good size gap on any railway


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Water tower 
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New to the range this super detailed British outline water tower

This complex model of a typical British outline water tower will fill the gap in garden railways much needed buildings....similar to prototypes seen up and down the railway system and still used today...Large front three levels of super detail and realistically painted and weathered.

"welded" steel type tank and water (not shown) inside...this is a must for the serious large scale modeller....Glazed arched windows above the double doors and side detailing...

260mm wide x 310mm high x 130mm deep

delivery via carrier


Victorian Warehouse 
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Another super detailed  model building...Suitable for Garden railway, 16mm and G sacle


These Victorian type buildings were typically found near/on most railways up and down the UK.

They also appear in towns and villages.

3 Cast components and 6mm plywood carcass and a wealth of detail.

300mm wide x 300mm. high x 90mm. deep



Shop premises 
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This handy building lends itself to be a multitude of retail outlets....Fish 'n' Chips....Chemist....Hardware store Ect...

Another building added to the range...this  is suitable for Garden railways, 16 mm and G scale,,it has 4 castings and 6mm. exterior grade plywood carcass,,,double chimney and slate roof and a detailed frontage,,this could be a host of retail outlets on your railway system.

320mm.wide x 400 to top of pots x 130mm deep.

Yorkstone colour



Block build building 
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This Block built unit could be a coal office or weighbridge to name only two,,a handy space filler, it boasts blocks and old tin roof and chimney stack...

This super versatile unit has 4 castings and 6mm. exterior grade plywood carcass,,,typical small coal office, weighbridge office ect..found anywhere in the UK.

260mm wide x 270 to top of pot x 110mm. deep

Built from blocks and tin roof these were easy and quick to build but lasted for years.



Platform Set 
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These sectional platforms can be laid to vary the length to suit your railway.

These super modelled platforms come in straight,,left and right hand ramps supplied in standard brickwall with tarmac surface and white edge.

 Stonewall with tarmac and white edge will soon be available.

Each section has a small pier to cover the joints.....

The tarmac has a fine textured surface and the walls are realistic looking brick.

This is a starter set comprising left hand ramp,,right hand ramp a three straight sections plus piers,,,giving a little under 4 feet in length.

They are supplied in two different heights..at british prototype height 3' 11" or 63mm scale height..This will suit upto 5" gauge

or 27mm height for G scale ,,lgb Ect:

137mm wide

I f you using them half profile I can supply with one face only modelled that will come a bit cheaper,,again e-mail me your requests..


Wooden platform 
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Old world type wooden platform

This single unit has loads of detail molded into it you will be wanting to treat it for woodworm,,,,come as a single unit and can be extended to suit both directions by adding more units to increase the length or depth.

Features eroded end grain on support beams and bent  and warped flooring.

30 cms long x 8cms deep x 3.4 cms high



Lineside Hut 
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Line side Hut full of detail typically found almost anywhere on the railways.

Some where to have a brew.

This lovely little lineside hut has got loads of detail built in,,,Slate roof,,chimney stack and pot,,glazed window, red brick, gutter and downpipe.

The sides have a grey colour cement type render.

The unit is built on 6mm ext: grade plywood shell then hand finished and weatherproofed.

186mm wide x 240mm high x 86mm deep.


Workshop rear 
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This neat little building has many uses and were typically seen on or near the railways.

Will Suit LGB,,G.Scale,, Gauge 1 Ect

Old brick rear end with tin roof and cowling,,these buildings were normally found tightly fitted between other buildings on or near the railways and as a backend were sometimes found covered in posters.

It's an ideal place to park your pushbike.

3 cast units fitted to 6mm ext: grade plywood shell.

205mm wide x 260mm high x 100 mm deep


Brick wall and pillar 
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This sectional brick wall has lovely detail built in and comes with matching pillar and top.

Based on prototype this wall is designed as a single "tile" and can be added to so you can vary the length required.

It comes with a pillar which has one side flat so you can use to cover the joins in a multi section wall or use on the end to terminate the wall ie: gates:::drive.

The three sections are painted weathered and varnished on the modelled side only, this is so you can glue the units together.

236mm long x 105mm high 8mm thick

pillar is 23mm square and 106mm high plus cap giving overall height of 110mm.

Postage on these units can be combined.please Email me

Does not include poster.


Single terrace  
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For G scale,,Garden,16mm. and LGB railways.


This superbly made single cottage is ideal for making up a stunning backdrop for your railway. Made from 5 cast components and a 6mm exterior grade plywood carcas.

The model is hand painted and weathered to give a very realistic look and is bursting with depth and detail.

At 180mm wide x 360mm high to the top of chimney and just 115mm deep its hard to believe this much detail in so little space.

All cottage style models (more to follow) will be the same height so terracing will present No problem.

If you require to TERRACE these units please let me know as I have to use a different roof casting.

Sides are  "rendered" grey cement lookalike




Arched Wall 
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This super LGB scale Arch wall is a must on your layout..No railway is complete without them.

Will suit G.Gauge 1. LGB.ect:

Arched walls and retaining walls were a major part forming the railways,

These units are full of detail and can come to you in three formats...

format 1:solid brick and blocked arch.

format 2:solid brick and open arch.

format 3:with the additional "inset" turns the arch into a workshop....these are sold seperatly.

Come as a "tile" so you can glue as many as you need to your own prepared backing...

Size is 310mm. wide x 260mm high the arch is 196mm high x 180mm wide.



Inset workshop 
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Inset for the Arched wall

This cladded workshop comes as an add on inset to go into the arch of the arched wall (L160).

The green painted workshop was/is typical of some of the "filled" arches found up and down the railway system,,,normally very close to and even built under the lines,,,no space was wasted. 


Brick Factory wall 
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NEW to the range..this handy factory wall with sawtooth roof.

Another addition to the G scale range of buildings

This nifty factory wall have been designed so you can join them together thus allowing you to create a factory wall at whatever length you require.

Its unique roof will then form the traditional looking sawtooth roof found all over the UK on and near the railways.

Three depths of brickwork,,a window vent ,,crittal types windows and a "tin" roof section goes to make up this unit

They come as a tile with full apertured windows and can be glued to your backboard to form a superb backdrop,,,,got to be better than the full size perimeter fence. if you want solid windows all you need to do is to paint your backboard matt black where the windows will be.

If you want to light the windows I can supply acetate and you cut an opening where the windows will be.

I will also build onto a substructure upto 4 inches deep and use "tin roof"castings so you can place them directly onto your railway...if you require this service please E-mail me to discuss cost and requirements.

Each tile is 21cms. wide x 29cms. high and 1 cm.deep and will come with a waterbox and downpipe to cover the join.

I have put the cost of postage at 4 per first tile then plus 2 per additional upto 4 tiles...5 plus tiles will come via carrier at 12




Stone wall and pillar 
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This new to the range Stone wall bags loads of deep detail.

Stone is used both up and down the uk so would look inplace on most garden railways..

Ideal for borders on private ground or simply a feature wall on your layout,,,,it has many uses.

measures 300 mm long x 75mm high and 7mm thick, very strong, the pillar and cap are supplied with each wall tile.

The pillar has two functions::1.it serves as a end pillar for wall end..::2 it has one side "flat" so can be used to cover the wall joint if more than one tile is used.

Nicely painted in yorkshire/cotswold colour, (can come unpainted), then weathered and sealed ready for use


Block stone wall 
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A great looking old stone wall plus pillar.

Makes an ideal retaining wall

The latest edition to the range is this super detailed Block stone wall,,,Made so you can join them to vary the length required.

Each wall comes with the buttress section and can be used for a retaining wall..a bridging wall ( to join two buildings) or simply put round the border or placed to seperate different levels on your railway,,,the possible uses are almost endless

size is a large 10" long x 6" high and 6mm thick

poster not included

please email me for multiple buy postage discounts


Stone cottage 
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New to the range this lovely old Stone cottage has lots of detail

Tiled roof And realistic stone face casting makes this a must for your layout..these are seen up and down the UK and will a useful building to add to your collection.

Has "settlement" built in as these were, and out of square windows ect:

realistically painted and weathered.

Glazed windows and open back so you can easily add lighting

Size 180mm wide x 360mm high x 115 deep


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LGB and similar scale poster set.

These posters will set your mind back to the haydays of steam,,they were everywhere trying to sell us their wares.

10 per sheet taken from the originals and printed on hi quality card..

If you are going to use them outside then seal them with varnish.


Pub signs 
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If you have a pub on your railway how about a sign for it

These Pub signs are high quality  prints on card...over thirty pubs names to choose from


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